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...a lick on the hand when you feel unloved exuberant greeting at the end of a long day
...a furry foot-warmer when you are sick in bed
...eyes that can melt away the greatest anger
...ears that will listen when nobody else will 


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Bess and Bronson 

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Happy Birthday Bess Bronson puppies....These pups came in with a BANG!  Emergency C Section for Bess this morning as she had issues with Toxicity due to the pregnancy, only way to help her was to take the puppies on their due date so that was perfect!  Mama Bess is doing much better but remains very groggy from the anesthesia...pups  are doing well...We have 8!  Three boys one of each color and the other 5 are girls...PLEASE be patient the cam will be on and off a lot as I have much to do in caring for this group and their mother....

Puppy Cam

Individual puppy photos                     Group Photos


Shelby and Duke

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9/19/16 Happy Birthday!  6 puppies born 3 girls 3 boys,all chocolates and phantoms some with white markings..Mother nature said no caramels for this litter 

Puppy Cam

Individual Photos                 Group Photos



       Gem (Australian labradoodle)  and Pitch( Moyen Poodle)

           Large mini/Small medium litter (23/33 lb range)


9/16/2016 7 puppies born 4 boys 3 girls, 4 apricots 3 parti's.

Puppies will go home November 11 when 8 weeks old!

WELL here is the scoop and the sorted gossip on these two love birds...Gem and Pitch live together .  While being kept apart during Gems (time of the season) someone literally LET THE DOGS OUT and didn't realize they eloped  together...( Children can be so helpful sometimes ) Needless to say when Gem started to "show" suspicions where raised and a trip to the OB/GYN was needed...Once confronted with the OBVIOUS findings of puppies on ultrasound Gem confessed to the torrid affair and stated they just couldn't help themselves....  To see pictures of Gem and Pitch scroll down...Pitch is sporting a dashing poodle teddy bear cut and Gem our typical  doodle doo!


Individual photos                                      Group photos 




Sky and Flicker

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9/15/2016  Happy Birthday...puppies are HERE  3 girls 3 boys..

Individual photos                                 Group photos




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