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Ladd Hills One more Tri (Rugby)

Medium black sable red parti ( 38 lbs 19" tall) fleece coat.




                                                                   Health testing: DOB: 10/31/13

Hips and Elbows per Dr Wallace/OFA: excellent/normal.  Eyes: CERF wnl.   Pra and VWD clear via parentage.  Thyroid normal.  EIC DMclear, carries for cream, chocolate, black sable and parti.

Rugby came from Ladd Hill Labradoodles in Oregon.  He is a stunning Black sable parti, yes I said BLACK sable parti ...He is genetically a black dog that carries for red and parti and Sable which is that black tipping and outline around his face making his dramatic appearance.  Its an unusual but stunning color combo..He has passed all his training classes for canine good citizenship and is studying to become a therapy dog.  Owned by a guardian family he often goes with her to the barn where she rides her horses and is accompanied by his sidekick Dempsey another future stud boy of mine...He is a sweet confident loving member of their family and an exciting upcoming boy here!


Before first groom 


After first groom

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