Our Dogs - Females
"A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself". -
                                                                                                                                                                  Josh Billings
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Southern Charms Fashionable Chloe

ALAA: 037399

DOB: 4/8/2014

Parents:  Mazie (Champs sister) and Blaze

Color: Black carries for chocolate and cream

Coat: Silky wavy fleece

Size: Small medium 29 Lbs 18" tall


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Southern Charm Mademoiselle  Millieflori   " Millie"

ALAA: 054823

DOB: Oct 26 2017

Parents:  Cherie and Flicker

Size: Small medium 33 lbs 18" tall

Coat and color:  Caramel fleece bbee


Lives in a guardian home





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Southern Charms Grande Caymen "Caymen"

ALAA: 058008

DOB: March 3 2017

Parents: Fanny Mae and Deacon Brown

Color: Chocolate lavender carries parti no cream

Size: Small standard 20" tall 45 lbs

Coat: Fleece 

Lives in a guardian home


Last Changed

Southern Charms Sundae Serrenade

Parents: Paris and Dempsey

ALAA# 047030

DOB 10/21/16

Color and Coat:  Chocolate and white parti, carries for cream and chocolate.  Wavy fleece coat.


Lives in a guardian home


Last Changed

Southern Charms California Dreaming "Callie"

ALAA# 048453

DOB: 1/12/2016

Parents: Calla Lily and Flicker

Color: Caramel

Coat: Wavy fleece

Size: Small Medium 17" tall 33 lbs

Lives in a guardian home

Last Changed

Southern Charms Dutchess of London

ALAA# 046291

DOB: September 27 2015

Color: Chocolate carries cream and parti

Size: Standard 22" tall 55 lbs

Coat: Fleece

Parents: Bess and Dempsey

Lives in a guardian home

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Memory Lakes Jetta N Pearls of Southern Charm

ALAA: 050416

DOB:  11/19/2014

Size: Mini 16" tall 24 lbs

Coat and color: Black with white markings carries all colors and Parti.  Fleece


Lives at SCL



Last Changed

Southern Charms Daydream Believer "Dreamer"

ALAA#: 033659

Parents: Emmie and Gus

DOB: July 13, 2013

Size: Large Medium 48 lbs 20" Tall

Color and Coat: Apricot Cream fleece

Lives in a Guardian home..



Last Changed

Southern Charms Black Beauty 

ALAA# 040061

DOB: Sept 30 2014

Parents: Paris and Deacon

Color & coat type: Black fleece, carries all colors including parti

Size: Ht:19"tall Weight: 38 lbs


Lives in a guardian home


Last Changed

Southern Charms Gema Del Sol

DOB: 9/28/2014

ALAA: 040058

Color and coat: Wavy fleece, Apricot carries for chocolate, parti and black Bbee

Size: Mini 22 lbs 16" tall

Parents: Jolie and Texas


Lives in a guardian home ( My groomer Liz)




Last Changed

Southern Charms Ivory Empress

ALAA# 039883

DOB: 9/29/2014

Coat color: Caramel Ice carries for chocolate and cream.   Straight fleece

Size: Medium 19" 38 lbs


Lives at SCL


Last Changed

Southern Charms Mint Julip 

Parents: Jolie and Ocean States Buster

ALAA: 032602

DOB: May 2 2013

Small medium: 17" tall 30 lbs

Coat: Apricot with white markings: curly fleece

Color: apricot carries for parti



Lives in a Guardian home.



Last Changed

Southern Charms Ellie Mae

Parents: Rina and Reagan

ALAA: 035711

DOB: Dec 27 2013

Color: Apricot with white markings

Coat: Fleece parti factored Bbee

Size: small medium 33 lbs 18" tall

Lives in a Guardian home



Last Changed

Southern Charms Liza Jane

ALAA#: 035493

Parents: Darling and Hero

DOB: November 11 2013

Color & coat: Chocolate fleece bbEE

Size: Small Standard 51 lbs 20" tall

Lives with me at SCL


Last Changed


 Midnight in Paris: PARIS

ALAA: 030505

Parents: Kingdoms Whisper and Southern Charms Brutus

DOB: 6/23/12

Ht & wt: 20" 40 lbs Medium

Coat: Black and cream fleece Parti

Lives with me at SCL