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                                           Southern Charms Day Dream Believer "Dreamer"

                                                    20" tall 48 lbs Apricot Cream fleece coat

                                                                          Dreamers first litter



                                                               DOB:   7/13/2013        Health Testing:

Evet hips and elbows good per OfA scheme and normal.. Eyes normal, patellas and cardiac normal...PRA and VWD clear via parentage..

Dreamer's name discribe's her completely... She is a Dream dog, according to her guardian family....She is super chill and layed back letting nothing phase her....She adores everyone or any creature she meets.....her coat is a stunning apricot cream wavy fleece...she comes from my foundation lab lines many generations back and reminds me of her great great grandmother Jade in deminor...



Mom Emmie


Dad: Gus