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Iowa Meadows "Grover"

ALAA# 071667

DOB: 7/14/18

Size:  Small medium 30 lbs 16 1/2 tall

Color: RED curly/wavy fleece coat. Bbee carries chocolate.

Co Owned with Cotten Creek Labradoodles

Lives in a guardian home

Availiable for stud service.



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Southern Charms Sir Golden "Hawk"

ALAA: 068352

DOB: 3/25/2018

Parents:  Black beauty(BB) and Marlow

Size: Medium 18" 38 lbs

Coat: Wavy fleece, caramel ice with apricot tipping  bbee

Lives at SCL



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Southern Charms Grande Prix Benz

ALAA: 066879

DOB: 2/1/2018

Coat and color: Red curly fleece with white splashes. Bbee carries for Parti.

Parents: Calla and Parson

Size: 17" tall 32 lbs small medium

Lives in a guardian home



Last Changed

Southern Charms Whos your Caddy? "Bunker"

ALAA: 070050

DOB: 6/2/2018

Parents: Gem and Parson

Coat: Red curly fleece with white splashes carries for parti Bbee

Size: Mini 15 1/2 inches tall 20 lbs

Lives in a guardian home


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Southern Charms Sir Camo Flage aka "CAMO"

ALAA: 068102

DOB: 3/15/2018

Color and coat: Dark Chocolate with white carries for parti and cream bbEe

Size: Medium 35 lbs 18 1/2 " tall.

Parents:   Fanny Mae and AJ

Lives in a guardian home 


Last Changed

Southern Charms Super NOVA

ALAA: 065710

DOB: Dec 15 2017

Parents:  SCL Juju and Labradoodle Lanes Dickens

Size: Solid medium 19" tall 48 lbs

Color: Red and white parti BBee doesnt carry chocolate

Coat: Wavy fleece

Lives in a guardian home



Last Changed

Southern Charms Bankin on a Dream aka "Banks"

ALAA: 054824

DOB: Oct 26 2017 

Size: Mini 22 lbs 16 1/2" tall

Parents: Cherie and Flicker

Color and Coat:  Fleece caramel bbee


Lives in a Guardian home.


Last Changed

Southern Charms Baron Von Trapp "Trapper"

ALAA: 054755

DOB: 10/12/16

Parents: Bess and Bronson

Color: Cream carries chocolate, black and Parti

Coat: Straight fleece

Lives in a Guardian home



Last Changed

Southern Charms Fast Break "Brewer"

ALAA# 042083

DOB: Feb 16 2015

Parents: Dawn and Rugby

Coat: Fleece

Size: Medium 20" tall 43 lbs

Color: Apricot/White Parti BBee doesn't carry chocolate

Lives in a guardian home


Last Changed

Cream Puffs Stairway to Heaven "Zeppelin"

ALAA: 057610

DOB: Jan 7 2017

Color: Red Bbee carries parti

Coat: Fleece

Size: small medium 18" 26 lbs

Lives in a guardian home

Co-owned with MillCreek Labradoodles

Not available for outside stud service at this time


Last Changed

Southern Charms "Marlow"

ALAA: 048968

Parents:  Ollie and Macy

DOB: Feb 2 2016

Size: Medium 40 lbs 18" tall

Color and coat: Caramel fleece bbee


Lives in a guardian home  


Last Changed

 Southern Charms Action Jackson

ALAA# 056775

DOB: 1/8/2017

Parents: Ellie Mae/ Flicker

Color and coat: Dark caramel, carries parti and chocolate, wavy flleece coat. bbee

Size: Medium 18" 35 lbs

Lives in a guardian home.


Last Changed

Maple Woods Harbins of Southern Charm

ALAA# 059771

DOB: 3/22/2016

Parents: Sire: (SCL) Dempsey,     Dam: Lucy ( Maple Woods)

Size: Medium 36 lbs 18" tall

Coat: Wavy fleece with white markings

Color: Red with white markings carries for Parti, chocolate, red and black. Bbee

Lives in a guardian home

Last Changed

Southern Charms  A"Dash" of Armani

ALAA# 040269

DOB: 10/22/2014

Height & Weight: 17" tqll 28 lbs

Size: Small Medium

Color and Coat: Lavender Phantom carries cream Fleece

Lives in Guardian home.

Last Changed

Bedrocks "Parson" Red Rock of Southern charm

ALAA: 050416

DOB: April 12 2016

Color & Size: Red Mini 16" tall 24 lbs

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Available for outside stud service.

Resides at SCL



Last Changed

Atlanta Doodles Porters Ale "Porter"


Parents: Pilot and Ladd Hills Tater Tot

DOB: 3/7/2015

Size: Small medium 17' tall 33 lbs

Color: Bbee red parti factored...

Coat: Wavy fleece


Lives in a guardian home 


Last Changed

Tualatin Rivers Leave No Trace aka "TRACE"

ALAA# 040369

DOB: August 26 2014

Color and coat: Curly Fleece chocolate and Tan Phantom.  bbEe carries cream

Size: Standard 23" tall 65 lbs

Lives at SCL



Last Changed

Southern Charms Dawson Adventure

Parents: Ruler and Dulcinea

ALAA# 037385

DOB: 4/13/2014

Size: Standard 23" tall 60 lbs

Color and coat type: Red wavy fleece  carries for chocolate and black


Lives in a guardian home





Last Changed

Ladd Hills One more Tri "Rugby"

ALAA# 404386

DOB: 10/13/13

Size: Medium 37 lbs 19" tall

Color: Black Sable red/white Parti..


Lives in a guardian home..

Last Changed


Atlanta Doodles Texas Hold'em

ALAA# 031513

DOB: Jan 8 2013

Size: Small medium 17 1/2 " tall 29 lbs

Coat and color: Chocolate and white parti Fleece super soft coat..carries for phantom and sable.


Last Changed

 Southern Charms Heroic Champion

ALAA# 025280

DOB: 9/12/2011

Color: Chocolate/Lavender carries for cream bbEe ...Fleece

Meidum estimated size 45 lbs 19" tall

Parents: Kissing Hero and Annie


Last Changed


 Southern Charms Blaze of Glory "Blazer"

Parents: Jolie and Ripley

ALAA# 020511

DOB: 7/16/2010

Color & coat: Red fleece

Ht 17" wt 30 lbs small medium

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Lives here at SCL