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Stud service available to approved tested females only!
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Stud fees to approved females is $3000


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Southern Charms Lil Rebel Heart "REBEL"

ALAA: 094723

DOB:  Oct 1 2020

Color and Coat: Apricot/red wavy fleece Bbee carries chocolate, red black and parti

Size: Small Medium 17" 27 lbs

Parents: Delta and Roka

Lives at SCL




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Country Southern Charm "Traveler"

ALAA# 100093

DOB: 10/29/2020

Color: Dark Caramel carries for brown and parti

Coat: Thick wavy fleece

Size: Medium 18" 38 lbs


Lives at SCL




Last Changed

Southern Charms "BOLT"

ALAA: 081465

DOB: June 24 2019

Coat: wavy fleece

Color :Cafe Chocolate may turn parchment, carries cream

Size: Large medium Small standard 21" 50 lbs

Parents:  Liza and Camo




Lives in a guardian home



Last Changed

Southern Cross Bayou

ALAA: 089409

DOB: April 17 2020

Color: Red with white splashes also carries for black and chocolate. ? Parti

Size: Small standard 22" 50 lbs

Coat: wavy red fleece


Lives in a guardian home


Last Changed

Legendary Labradoodles Knockin Boots " Knox"

ALAA: 094008

DOB: Sept 8 2020

Size: Small medium 18" 33 lbs

Coat: Apricot Fleece

Color: Apricot carries black and chocolate



Lives in a Guardian home

Limited Stud service available


Last Changed

Patriots Day Chick Magnet aka "ROKA"

DOB: September 16 2019

ALAA: 083290

Size: Small Medium 17" 27 lbs

Color: Caramel with white splashes Carries for chocolate and parti

Coat: Soft non shedding wavy fleece


STOLEN:  Taken by his guardian family (The Wessingers) to Onterio Canada.   Anyone with information as to his where about's or the families please contact me.




Last Changed

Southern Charm Dansby the Brave

ALAA# 076226

DOB: 12/28/18

Color: Caramel and white parti carries chocolate.

Size: Medium 46 lbs 20" tall

Coat: fleece

Parents: Paris and Bronson

Lives in a guardian home


Last Changed

Southern Charm Han Solo aka "SOLO"

ALAA#  072270

DOB: August 2 2018

Size: Large medium 45 lbs 21" tall

Color/Coat: Chocolate fleece.  Carries for parti and cream

Parents: Sundae and Trapper

Lives in a guardian home


Last Changed

Iowa Meadows "Grover"

ALAA# 071667

DOB: 7/14/18

Size:  Small medium 30 lbs 16 1/2 tall

Color: RED curly/wavy fleece coat. Bbee carries chocolate.

Co Owned with Cotten Creek Labradoodles

Lives in a guardian home

Availiable for stud service.



Last Changed

Southern Charms Sir Golden "Hawk"

ALAA: 068352

DOB: 3/25/2018

Parents:  Black beauty(BB) and Marlow

Size: Medium 18" 38 lbs

Coat: Wavy fleece, caramel ice with apricot tipping  bbee

Lives in a guardian home



Last Changed

Southern Charms Grande Prix Benz

ALAA: 066879

DOB: 2/1/2018

Coat and color: Red curly fleece with white splashes. Bbee carries for Parti.

Parents: Calla and Parson

Size: 17" tall 32 lbs small medium

Lives in a guardian home



Last Changed

Southern Charms Whos your Caddy? "Bunker"

ALAA: 070050

DOB: 6/2/2018

Parents: Gem and Parson

Coat: Red curly fleece with white splashes carries for parti Bbee

Size: Mini 15 1/2 inches tall 20 lbs

Lives in a guardian home


Last Changed

Southern Charms Sir Camo Flage aka "CAMO"

ALAA: 068102

DOB: 3/15/2018

Color and coat: Dark Chocolate with white carries for parti and cream bbEe

Size: Medium 35 lbs 18 1/2 " tall.

Parents:   Fanny Mae and AJ

Lives in a guardian home 


Last Changed

Southern Charms Super NOVA

ALAA: 065710

DOB: Dec 15 2017

Parents:  SCL Juju and Labradoodle Lanes Dickens

Size: Solid medium 19" tall 48 lbs

Color: Red and white parti BBee doesnt carry chocolate

Coat: Wavy fleece

Lives in a guardian home



Last Changed

Southern Charms Bankin on a Dream aka "Banks"

ALAA: 054824

DOB: Oct 26 2017 

Size: Mini 22 lbs 16 1/2" tall

Parents: Cherie and Flicker

Color and Coat:  Fleece caramel bbee


Lives in a Guardian home.


Last Changed

Bedrocks "Parson" Red Rock of Southern charm

ALAA: 050416

DOB: April 12 2016

Color & Size: Red Mini 16" tall 24 lbs

Coat: Wavy/curly Fleece

Available for outside stud service.

Resides at SCL



Last Changed

Tualatin Rivers Leave No Trace aka "TRACE"

ALAA# 040369

DOB: August 26 2014

Color and coat: Curly Fleece chocolate and Tan Phantom.  bbEe carries cream

Size: Standard 24" tall 70 lbs

Lives at SCL