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Wrigley is almost 2 years old in the pictures below: He has grown into a stunning cafe fleece young stud..
14 mos old below new coat trim...dashing young stud now......
Australian Multigen large mini
Click here for pictures with Gizzie Roux..had 2 chocolate and white parti's.
 Color:      Chocolate/Cafe
 VetGen:  bbEe
 Size:   25.4 lbs, 16.5" tall
 Coat:  Fleece Chocolate Cafe, non shed & allergy friendly
 Cerf:  Perfect 8/08
 PRA:  clear
 Hips:  Dr. Wallace..Good to Excellent!
 Cardiac: Normal to ascultation per cardiologist 12/09
  Patellar luxation:  Normal
 Wrigley is an adorable bundle of chocolate fluff that came to us from Avonlee Labradoodles in Canada.  He is a smaller doodle who should mature out to be about 16"tall and 25-30 lbs.
His coat is a stunning silky fleece, non shedding.  His personality is to die for, sweet, loving and a snuggler.  He enjoys playing fetch and relaxing on the couch with his guardian family.
He is co-owned with Millcreek Labradoodles.  His mother is a cream Australian wool coated girl named Sammie, his father is a fleece chocolate and white Parti Australain.( Pictures curtsey of Avonlee).
Sammi3 Pongosm
                                              Below are pictures of Wrigley growing up
                                                                 8 weeks old (What a face!)
                                                                              11 weeks old
                                                                               13 Weeks old