Puppy Cam

View births and watch puppies grow for the first 4-5 weeks.



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Southern Charms Puppy cam


This is a live stream from my inside nursery on the whelping area.  This will be able to be seen for the puppies first 5 weeks.   It may be off from time to time so don't get dismayed if you can't log in.  Sometimes a gal and her babies just need some privacy...
I will also be keeping the cam on when puppies are being born.  I will place a notice on my home page when the time is getting close.  If you wish to log on and witness a birth you can, but very often it is in the middle of the night and can take many hours..
You can simply click on the Drop Cam Puppy cam link, either 1 or 2 to view the litter you wish to see from your computer.  If you wish to view from your phone, or I pad etc you will need to down load and create an account.  See below for instructions.


From your computer: View our puppy cam webcams with any computer

(Adobe Flash required).

     From your phone iOS/Android device:

  1. View the camera initially from a computer.
  2. Click the follow button in the lower left hand corner.
  3. You'll be prompted to log-in or create a Dropcam account.
  4. Once logged into Dropcam, you'll be able to download the Dropcam app and log-in to your account you created where your "followed" camera feeds will show up.
Drop Cam Puppy Cam 1

Drop Cam Puppy Cam 2

Drop Cam Puppy Cam 3