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Dawn and Ruler 

 Guardian needed for a female

7/22/14 One pet puppy will be available won't know who for a few weeks.....let me know if interested to meet these pups..

June 18/2014

10 puppies born.  6 girls and 4 boys...

This litter will be going home August 13 2014 when 8 weeks old...

Standards in caramel, red and apricot, some with white markings.... 40-65 lb range mediums to large stocky standards:)  Mellow mush balls expected...


                               Ruler                                                 Dawn




Wait list

This list is pending notification and commitment of the families listed.



3. Lockwood

4. Penley

5. Stickland

6. Lytle

7. Brown/Stein

8. Tufano

9. Ponders

10. ???  



Last Changed

Tessa and Ladd Hills Beckham Brown


Ultrasound confirms 6 heart beats seen, could be more or less....but she is with puppies...

                  Medium pups 35-45 lb range in caramel and chocolate expected..sweet playful personalities and the most amazing coats!

Pregnancy calandar