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                                                  Guardian homes needed for each of these doodles..

Purple girl and Red boy are from BB and Marlow's litters...they will be future breeders for me...please read the link above to guardian homes before contacting me to learn more about what it entails...404 849 5557 0r

Purple girl is a black fleece coated stunning girl.  She is sweet and loving, would do well in a home( kids , older kids, other dogs older couple etc)  should mature to be 35-40 lbs as an adult...

Red boy is a caramel ice color with a stunning coat.  Hes is easy going and as well as sweet and loving...would do well in any home with kids , other dogs older couple etc)

Red boy photo album                                                Purple girl photo album 



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   Sir Camo Flage aka "CAMO" dob: 3/15/18

                                                     Guardian home needed

Contact me if you wish further info after reading the above link please...Carol Dean 404 849 5557 or

Stunning chocolate with a splash of white down his face and on his chest..temperament is playful, affectionate, engaging but not needy will fit any household, kids or empty nesters... Should mature to be 45-50 lbs very stocky and labby in structure...coat is a straighter fleece non shedding...






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Black Beauty and Marlow

One puppy is available from this litter...Blue boy! see above post about him...5/20/18

Happy Birthday 3/25/2018 8 puppies born 3 girls and 5 boys!  Black and chocolate are both girls along with one caramel.  Boys are all apricot or caramel.

Individual puppy photos                                       Group puppy photos

Names below are families who have given a deposit and have been waiting on my master list for this litter or a puppy that fits the criteria of this litter.  The litter list is arranged  in order of their deposit received.  Sometimes, due to life events, families change their minds and move off or go to another litter due to timing. Families below them then move up.  I reserve the right to hold back 1 or 2 pups from a litter which is what the SCL is( breeding dogs to keep or sell or dogs for a special needs child or patient)...sometimes I only take one sometimes none, in that case the spots are released and everyone moves up again...Please be patient this is a process that takes 7-8 weeks.  I now allocate the puppies to their families...Allocations will NOT be done before 7 weeks of age and only after my vet examines the litter and clears them medically.  At that time I can better tell size, temperament and coat type to better assist with allocating the right puppy for your family...

1.Purple girl

2. Red boy

3. Huss : Orange boy

                                                                                            4. Kayne: "Yellow boy"

                                                                      5. Yant: Green boy

                                                                      6. Ramsey "Teal girl"

                                                                       7. Kaufman: Pink girl

                                                                        8. BLUE boy is available