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Tessa and Ladd Hills Beckham Brown

         8/17/14 Happy Birthday!  7 new puppies 2 girls 5 boys caramels and chocolates!  Pictures coming here to see pics.

Tessa's puppy cam

Medium pups 35-50 lb range in caramel and chocolate expected..sweet playful personalities and the most amazing coats!



   Wait list (subject to change pls be patient) thks!

1. SCL

2. SCL

3. Jacobs

4.  Learner or Bess/Zepher (female only)

5. Rossen or Bess/Zepher

6. Miller or Bess/ Zepher (female only lighter color)

7. Rouch or Tela/Champion

8. Gill family: Chocolate perfered or later litter