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Shelby and Armani (By the Bay Labradoodles)

10/22/14 9 puppies born...6 boys 3 girls...7 pups are chocolate phantoms 2 are caramels..This litter will go home Dec 17th when 8 weeks old.  

9/23/14 Oh boy oh boy oh boy !  Long time coming but our Shelby is definatly pregnant with this adorable Armani's puppies.  Size should be mediums 30-40 lb chocolate phantom also come caramel pups as well.  Litter is due mid October going home before Xmas....Sweet loving temperaments as both are such with fleece wavy to curly coats...

Shelby's puppy cam  

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   Paris and Deacon

         9/30/14 Happy Birthday. 8 beautiful pups 4 chocolates 4 blacks one girl each color the rest are boys..This litter will go home when 8 weeks old which is November 25th 2014

Paris Puppy cam link

This litter is all reserved!


Large mediums small standards expected( 40-50 lb range). Black and Chocolate puppies some with splashes of white on their chin chest or toes...they will not produce Parti like Paris ...Coats expected are fleece, extreamly sweet and loveable.  Both parent dogs are layed back and very loving.

Click here to see Paris last litter with Gus




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   Jolie and Marco Polo and  Texas

9/28/14 Happy Birthday to 11 new puppies...most belong to Texas as their daddy but there are 3 that could be Marcos :)  This litter will go home November 23 2014 when 8 wks old...


Jolie's puppy cam
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This will be Jolies final litter, the lucky boy is Tuscan Ridge Marco Polo a new boy of mine who has just passed all his heath testing.  He carries strongly for red, has a stunning straight fleece dark apricot coat and is super sweet and calm.  He is a small medium 17 1/2 tall and 28 lbs...Size of litter will range from 23-35 lbs range...all shades of apricots, reds and some with white markings ( not parti) possible...I will also use Texas her!!  YES this can be done and will possibly get a dual sire litter...Texas will bring Parti to the pups in chocolate, black and apricot or caramel.  I will only need to DNA those pups that are apricot with light markings as Marco can't produce parti, chocolate or black with her. Look at the litter with Rascal and Bandito to see what can be produced.

Past litter links below for Jolie:

Jolie and Ripley

Jolie and Rascal and Bandito ( dual sire)

Jolie and Buster 



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                                                                        Bess and Zephyr

9/28/14 Happy Birthday 7 new puppies were born today...5 girls and 2 boys in a rainbow of colors...This litter can go home November 23 2014 when 8 weeks old

This litter is all reserved

Bess's puppy cam

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Tela and Champion

  9/20/2014 Happy Birthday! 

We have 7 new puppies 4 boys 3 girls!  This litter will be going home November 15th when 8 wks old

This litter is all reserved!


Tela puppy cam 1 at Jackie's

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This litter will go home November 15th when 8 weeks old.


Large mediums, small standards 45-60 lb range...colors range from chocolate to lavender, parchment, cafe and cream/caramel.  Sweet, loving and playful temperaments expected.  Coats should be stunning fleece.....Tela is a daughter of our beloved Tara who has left a strong legacy here of therapy dogs, she also looks just like her as well...Champions father Hero is also known for his therapy lines and many of Champs families have raved about their  intelligence and how easy his pups were to train..

    Tela                                                               Champion




Wait list:

1. SCL

2.SCL ( special needs family Martin CPT to select)

3. Brown

4. Otazo ( female)

5. Godsey 

6. Harms

7. DiDomenico