New Puppy Supplies and Checklist

"Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one. PS...mother needed so the dog can be fed regularly."  Anonymous 

 Thinking about getting two puppies? here for information on why NOT to do that at the same time..


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                                       Southern Charm Puppy and Doodle supplies

1.  This is a great start up package for your puppy. I have some individualized items below also.

click here to order

2. Sherpa dog bed for the crate...from Chewys get to fit crate.

3. A dog crate appropriate for size, metal, can be covered for a cozy den,, often has divider's so grows with the pup..  plastic can be gotten at Pet stores, or Walmart/Target, also through Petflow or Chewys pet supplies..on line..X-pen for safe area instead of a crate...downstairs.
4. Doggie bed ( not a must but some pups love them especially with bolsters), they wedge themselves in the groove.

   5.Puppy formula Order auto ship to get more discounts..

click here to order. (puppy food)

 6.  This is the grain free adult formula, Turkey based, my dogs love this one...order here  (adult food)


7.  This is a sample pack of treats for your new pup to learn what he or she loves. click here to order.   Here is a link to all of the treats.  click here

  Stella and chewy's meal mixers (beef)  is a great additional additive to their food, or training treat. Click here to order and view. There are many flavors this is a freeze dried raw food product.


8.    Canned food to spice up your puppies food if desired. click here


9. bowls ( stainless steal or ceramic are great!  wash easily even in dish washer.  Stay away from plastic, they can harbor bacteria.

10. Petco or other brand of CHEW STOP stuff ( bitter apple, Mr YUCK, etc)............spray entire area where puppy will be( their eye level), chair legs, electrical cords, furniture etc.  This will NOT stain your stuff or even smell, make sure all puppy toys are put away before doing this so none falls on them.  This will deter the pup from those areas hopefully...
11.  Natures miracle dog accident cleaner and sanitizer ....for the accidents that will happen........
12.  Toys, you have some, it's good to rotate toys and dogs get bored when there are allot but enjoy them more if the come and go........You'll find one or two she particularly may enjoy.........

13.   Order Terrific ear powder.  This powder will prevent ear infections if used regularly especially after grooming and swimming.  Click here to order

14.    This ear cleaning liquid is used before the power above to freshen ears and disinfect the ear before applying the above power...Ear cleaner liquid   

15.      This is a gentile shampoo and smells great click here to order


16.  Dog ID TAGS!  PLEASE order one for your pet!  This is the best way to get your dog back quickly.  Your pet will come micro chipped and this is a second line of contact. Pets name, your name, phone number and pups MC number should be on the tag..This web site   ( same as above)has some super fun and creative ones for every taste and budget!

17.   Lupine dog collars.  These are great collars and the company will replace if damaged or chewed off!  Lots of style options!

18. Leash and collar.  I will be giving you your first leash and collar for your puppy....The ROK leash is my favorite lead when my dogs are adults...they are a bungie lead and they have a short handle to get your dog closer, if they accidently lunge and pull the leash will give and you will not be hurt...order the 6 foot one it seems to work best for strolls with your here to learn more.

  An easy walk harness is a great start up harness to train your puppy to walk on a lead without pulling...if your pup is going to training directly from me, you will get one from Laurie Trocheck.. when you pick your puppy up..  click here to order. Size will depend on your puppy..proper fitting is a must...also get one with the contrasting color on the bottom!  It helps to remind you which end is up

19. Dog waste bags for your walks with puppy.. Dog waste baggies..

20. Poochie bells if you decide to try to train her to ring the bell to go is under training........Poochie bells web site

21.  Comb to groom your doodle click here to order

22.  Brush to groom your doodle click here to order

23. Dog waste bags for your walks with puppy.. Dog waste baggies..

24.    Elk or Moose antlers great for chewing and teething. Michigan antler company

25.   Bully sticks click here to order

Lots of other supplies for dogs, cats and humans can be found at the web site below...enjoy shopping! 

List of pet insurance companies rated! 

 "Dog training for Dummies" book and books below!

We ask that every family adopting a puppy from SCL read two very informative books while waiting for their puppy to come home.  They will make a huge difference in the adjustment of a puppy into your home and family.  Please read the following books:

"The Dog Listener"  by Jan Fennell
"How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves"  by Sophia Yin, DVM 

                        Raising puppies and kids together a guide for parents by Pia Silvani