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Guardian Home  at Southern Charm Labradoodles

Must live within one hour of Atlanta Georgia to qualify..





Being a guardian for a dog can be an excellent way to have a top quality dog for your family pet.  We do not kennel of our dogs at SC.  We feel that dogs raised in kennel settings do not get the proper socialization and stimulation that is needed to become a well balanced and happy member of your family.  

Therefore, we like to place our upcoming guardian doodle pups in "forever homes" with suitable well matched families.  SC retains all breeding rights.  This means it is your pet dog and stays with you as your family pet but I hold ownership and breeding rights to the dogSC pays for all health testing related to breeding and all breeding expenses. When the dog reaches breeding age we will discuss with you the logistics involved, which is different for males and females.  For example, SC will take the female in her last week of gestation and  whelp the litter but the girl stays with her family during the pregnancy.   The female will stay with her litter until her pups are about 6-7 weeks old and the pups are weaned.  She can then return to the guardian family.  I do have live puppy cams on my litters which makes separation from your beloved pet easier as you can watch her with her puppies at any time..

When your dog completes his or her breeding obligation they will need to be spayed or neutered before transfer or ownership to you is completed..cost is the responsibility  of the guardian family ( I will pay $100 towards this).  Males are usually retained in the breeding program for a longer period (6 years) , however, they do not need to leave their families for extended periods.  Females typically have  3 breeding'/litters.  Families must deal with several heat cycles and keep their girl away from any well meaning fellows that may come calling.  

 The security deposit for the fostering family is that of a pet puppy which is  $3000.00.  This deposit can be re-cooped once testing and all breeding's have been completed, either in cash or a pet puppy. 

If SC selects a female we contract for 3 litters of at least 6 pups.    SC  will reimburse you 1/3 the pet price after the first litter is whelped and sold, and the second 1/3 after the second litter is whelped and sold or divide payments between 3 litters.  If you wish another puppy instead, that will be offered after or from the second or third litter and no monies will be exchanged.

The stud/male family may opt for a payment plan of $250 per successful breeding that yeilds a litter,  up to the security deposit price of the stud puppy  $3000).   If another puppy is wanted in stead of a stipend this will be offered at the end of the boy's use as a stud or after 10 successful breeding have been done.  If the guardian contract is dissolved before before the 5 years are up the cost of the puppy will then be pro-rated .  Again, this will be discussed on an individual basis as there are many variables since some boys are used more than females and for a longer period of time.  

 If it is determined that the dog SC placed with you will not be utilized in our breeding program and/or fails to pass all required health testing when he or she comes of breeding age, the contract is then dissolved and terms go back to the original pet agreement. 

If the family must relocate, for what ever reason, a distance not considered to be suitable for guardian status the guardian dog must be returned to me unless we discuss alternative options.  A replacement puppy or dog will be offered or a refund of the security deposit will be given.

Guardian programs have many benefits for the guardian family, the breeder and the dog:

  • Guardian families have a 'pick of litter' puppy chosen by the breeder
  • The dog doesn't need to be re-homed as an adult after retiring
  • There is no need for the breeder to kennel the dogs
  • The dogs are well socialized and in good environments
  •   I also have puppy cams for families to see their beloved pet during this time away from their family while having their litters which has helped a lot.

There are certain requirements for providing a foster home for one of our dogs.  Guardian families must: KEEP in touch with me during the development of their dog.  I need pictures and for your pet to come and visit at least 2 times for me the first year to evaluate them...also guardian families must:

  • own their primary place of residence
  • have a fully fenced yard
  • take their dog to puppy obedience classes
  • ensure the puppy is well socialized
  • provide routine veterinary care when needed and give ONLY flea/tic and heart worm meds approved by breeder.
  • feed a diet approved by the breeder and vet
  • notify SCL right away  when a female begins her heat cycle
  • must not allow a female around intact males during her cycle
  • must not allow a male to breed other females!
  • live within a reasonable driving distance of SCL ( 1 hour)
  • Must notify of any vacations or impending relocations prior to doing so.
  • be screened and interviewed by the breeder
If you our guardian program interests you, please feel free to contact me.  Below are a few of our dogs placed in guardian families.  I will gladly put you in contact with a few of these families to speak about their experience with the program.
Thanks for your consideration!
Carol and the doodles

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