Informational videos about your new puppy

The Labradoodle song 



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Home Going instructions:

The first one is the longest about 20 min or so..the rest are much shorter..promise!   PLEASE do NOT order Taste of the Wild dog food as stated in the vid, lots of issues with it so I have switched. See new suggested food below!

Video #1 Introduction and basic information

Video #2 Puppy Care lists and basic supplies

Life abundance puppy food is what your puppy will be eating when they go home.  Click here to order supplies

TLC dog and puppy food.  I feed this mixed with Life abundance to your puppy for variety both are excellent foods. Click here for educational material on raising your puppy from TLC

Trupanion pet insurance: You will get a 30 day free trial when you pick up your puppy.  YOU must call to activate it! After a month it will be up to you to decide if you wish to continue with the plan. The link below is to best review for 2018 in pet insurance .

Pet insurance reviews 2019

Video #3 Growth and Development of your dog

Video #4 Basic training the first few weeks

Puppy socialization article 8-16 weeks critical

Video #5 Important things you need to know

Video #6 Southern Charm Bag and goodies

Video#7 In Closing

How to raise a confident puppy!

10 MOST important things to teach a puppy!


PLEASE watch this final video and really pay attention to it...There are several age appropriate  vid' s for children of all ages to teach them the correct way to handle their dogs and new puppies..STOP the 77


The video series below shows step by step how to train dogs and puppies for spacific things, such as sit, down, walking on a leach ect...very good to review when you have time.

Dog training video series with Victoria Stillwell