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"For me a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail, and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog."  Roger Caras

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                  ACTIVE puppy family wait list. 2020-2021


Don't let the long list fool you, we often go all the way to the bottom contacting families when we get a pregnancy confirmed... Due to family needs versus timing, size of doodle requested and gender/color choices there is availability.  Not everyone desires the same type of doodle...which is what makes this breed fun!

PRICING INCREASE will take effect August 15 2020!  My pet prices will go up to $3000.  Families with existing deposits will be grandfathered in for 1 year.  If no puppy is obtained by the grandfathered in family due to personal circumstances or preference by that time then new pricing will apply.....

SERVICE DOGS:  Families requesting to be considered for a puppy to train as a service dog MUST have a trainer involved who will come and access a litter for the best match for the family given the needs the service dog will be trained to do... This is not an inexpensive process.  I require an additional $500 as well.  Contact me if there is truly a need for this with your family..If local to Atlanta contact Mark Spivak at CPT dog training for assistance...

Names on our wait list are all families that have placed a  $300 deposit  with us after a mutual 'interview' and a puppy application has been reviewed.  All puppies are $3000.  All are priced the same regardless of color markings, size or gender or where you are on my wait list.  ....Families waiting are  listed in order of deposits received and what the families preferences are ( My HOLD families are on another list and no longer together with the active clients).  I now allocate instead of allowing families to "select" their puppy.  This way there is no first or last client after me or a service dog selection.  Families preferences and life styles will be taken into consideration during the allocation process.  I will be asking for your input but not until the pups of the litter you are on are 7 -8 weeks old. At this age I can tell better sizes, temperaments and coat types.  The reason for this is to simplify the process so each family gets the right puppy based on their families needs.  I will be aware of each families needs and lifestyle. This will come into play on how I decide which puppy goes to which family. Retired couple wanting a chill couch potato pup, active young family with younger children, special needs family be that for a child or adult, therapy temperament for those hoping to visit hospitals or schools, a family with an existing dog needing a particular gender or temperament fit to mesh with their current dog..etc.  I appreciate your understanding of my process.  

We reserve the right to keep a first & second or third choice puppy for future breeding stock form each litter if we so choose sometimes these pups are also selected for service dogs or a special needs family.


1. Karp family: New Canaan CT MINI ONLY!  Under 15-30 lbs if possible MALE apricot, red, or chocolate with white splashes. August 2021 going home not before.


2. Lopez family: Indian Train SC standard Black preffered (Cayman/Flynn)

3.  Schieffelbein family:  Woodstock Ga ( standard preferred, therapy dog) loves Trace open to color! (Cayman/Flynn)

4. Privett family:Perrysburg OH  Medium/lg prefers darker color (Cayman/Flynn)

5. Berrones family: Lilburn Ga chocolate Standard only 40 plus any shade of chocolate..( Cayman/Flynn)

6. Deal W. family: Wytheville  Va, medium cream Spring/Summer 2021 (Haven)

7. Deal N. family: Charlottesville, Va, medium cream Spring/Summer (Haven) 2021

8. Justice family: Florence SC medium Spring/Summer 2021 prefers black or black and white parti  fall 2020

9. Durden family: Charlotte NC mini wait till November 2021

10.  kocoloski family: Livonia Michigan standard chocolate, red apricot parti (Cayman/Flynn)

11. Smith family: Osterville Mass(CC)  Mini/medium open to color Wait till Fall 2021

12. Buttafucco family: Miami Fla, medium chocolate. chocolate parti or red or red parti 40-50 lb.(Haven)

13.  Hwang family: Suwanee Ga medium  open to color and gender parti either chocolate or black. ( Harlee/Benz)

14.  Friedman/Che family:  Ann Arbor Michigan, (Turbo) small medium(wait till notiphy me)


15.  Grant family: mini apricot/red/caramel (active?)

16. Steigerwald/Kocoloski family: Phoeniz AZ  med apricot female only!

17. Gavalier family:  Virgina medium chocolate or shades there of (Harlee/Benz)

18. Cooper family:  Greenville SC medium apricot/red splashes open to other colors..

19. Coles/Letzgus family: Male ( females at home) chocolate medium

20. Yacoub family: Atlanta Ga medium 35-45 lbs male preferred female dog at home.

21.  Horn family: Atlanta Ga ( has 2) medium/standard/apricot or red

22. Stein family: Buford Ga medium apricot/caramel  loved Laynie- Benz litter

23.  Thurman family: Apharetta Ga standard likes chocolate, red is open (Cayman/Flynn)

24. Cordover family: St Petersburg Fla medium standard male preferred.  Therapy temperament plans on use in practice. (Cayman/Trace) if enough pups

25. Anderson family: large medium/standard loved Trace and Kenzie prefers chocolate(Cayman/Trace) if enough pups

26. Roach family:  Rally  Bash Winner 2020 ( apricot caramel and parti mini to small medium 20-30 lb range.)

27.  Jones Family: Rally Bash Winner 2020 

28.  Yang/Ho family: New York, mini

29.  Ramil family: NY Binghamton medium ( has Sadie Mae/Rascal)

30. Howard family: Pompton Lakes NJ ( has 3 doodles needs female) medium standard black and white if possible. Wait till constuction completed winter 2021/22

31.  Whitfield family: Atlanta Ga medium/small standard.  Open to all colors, prefer not white or too light... ( guardian male)(Cayman/Trace)

32.  Knowlton family: Roswell Ga small medium ? Male( female at home) 

33. McLaughlin family: Lawrenceville  Ga  medium/standard apricot red caramel color spectrum also open to black and chocolate with white. (Cayman/Trace) If enough pups

34. Harrell family: Senoia Ga medium/standard Chocolate(Cayman/Trace) if enough pups

35. Mckee family: Brookhaven Ga medium apricot, red carmel parti

36. Dunigan family: Oviedo Fla male prefered previous scl female.  Special needs child. medium Red or apricot, dark caramel  ONLY

37. Delong/Aspy family: medium Atl Ga

38. Bass/Utecht family: Canton Ga Medium/standard 

39. Ward family: Lawrenceville Ga medium therapy temperament

40.  Reid family: Fairburn Ga medium small standard chocolate temperament most important 4 children.

41. Jordon family: Amelia Island Fla medium small standards loves parti

42.  Jeffress family: Pooler Ga medium temperament most important plan on bringing to work. 

43. Bryant family: Roswell Ga medium (35-50) temperament...

44.  Griswald-Barns family:  Ga 

45.  Mallis family: Atlanta Ga medium (Has SCL)

46. Williams family: Union City Ga medium caramel/apricot/red parti or with white.

47. Fletcher family: Washington DC medium chocolate

48. Elkins family: Tampa Fla small medium female ( male at home) cream, apricot or parti.

49. Hess family: Johns Creek Ga mini ( has mini male at home) 

50. Simpson family: Hobe Sound Fla standard male

51. Erikson family:  Atlanta ga Mini fall 2021

52.  Schroeder/Flanigan family: Savannah Ga medium 30-50 lb range female preferred

53. Shinde family: Alpharetta Ga medium

54.  Durisch family: Decater Ga medium open to color and gender, calm therapy temperament.

55. Fuertes family: Fla (prev doodle) medium

56.  Procter family: 

57. Turpin family: medium 35-45 lbs (has scl at home)