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"For me a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail, and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog."  Roger Caras

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Happy Families joined together by my doodles, gathered  for a day of doodle fun and friendship!   Its worth the WAIT!



Please read this humbling article about getting a puppy if considering one of mine!

YES we may have OPENINGS for an upcoming litter! Don't let the long list fool you, we typically go all the way to the bottom contacting families when we get a pregnancy confirmed...Often just due to family needs versus timing, size of doodle requested and gender/color choices there is availablity.  Not everyone desires the same type of doodle...which is what makes this breed fun!

SERVICE DOGS:  Families requesting to be considered for a puppy to train as a service dog MUST have a trainer involved who will come and access a litter for the best match for the family given the needs the service dog will be trained to do... This is not an inexpensive process.  I require an additional $500 as well.  Contact me if there is truly a need for this with your family..If local to Atlanta contact Mark Spivak at CPT dog training for assistance...

HOLDS: When you see this beside a name and the name is in RED, this means the family has put a temporary "hold" on getting a puppy for personal reasons, they still have a deposit holding their spot and will contact me when the time is right again for them. They may not, however, jump on a litter if that particular list has been created and reserved even if high up on the master list.  It is now up to them to monitor my web site and contact me instead of me having to track them down..

Names on our wait list are all families that have placed a  $300 deposit  with us after a mutual 'interview' and a puppy application has been reviewed.  All puppies are $2700 as of April 1 2016 regardless of color markings, size or gender or where you are on my wait list.  ....Families waiting are then listed in order of deposits received and what the families preferences are.  We like to wait until the puppies are 7-8 weeks old as it is easier to see their personalities and coats in order to match them with their family.  I allocate puppies to families and no longer allow families to select their puppies.   I will take into consideration what is on your wish list and ask you to give me your top 3 in the litter. I ultimately I will decide which puppy you get since I know their temperaments better.  I find families change their minds many times as the puppies grow up here...I am dealing with all the families and know their dynamics at home, not just yours, so must take everyone into consideration when assigning  the right puppy for the right family...

We reserve the right to keep a first & second or third choice puppy for future breeding stock form each litter if we so choose sometimes these pups are also selected for service dogs or a special needs family.   Pet families  are listed after breeders choice.  

Girl or boy which is better?... I get asked this all the time!

Suprising chat below from fellow breeders.

The list below is a general wait list.  I also have duplicate names under certain anticipated pairings as some families have requested and are waiting for particular litters and will defer their picks until that litter is born.  Other families will see what I have coming up and may decide to go with a puppy from a litter sooner, so don't get discouraged by the list size as I have several litters planned in the next 6 months.   
1. Hodges family, Braselton Ga: male, female, medium fleece. (Hold)
2. Millure family: Myrtle Beach SC. Medium 25-35 lbs

3. Roberson Gainsville Ga: (chocolate or cream fleece coat)3

4. Hillard family: Grey Ga  mini  (HOLD)

5. Nardelli family: Buckhead Georgia  wanting cream fleece  mini sm medium (Hold)

6. Diaz Family: Atlanta Ga (HOLD)

7. Birchfield Family: Nashfield Tenn ( wants a PARTI!) (HOLD)

8. Knauth family:  (Wants large parti) Winter...HOLD

9. Pringle family: Reno NV standard wants LARGE! HOLD!

10. Barbosa family: Miami Florida:HOLD

11. Byrnes family: Atlanta Ga large medium female ( Hold)

12. Schilt family: Tallahassee Fla, standard black preferred...HOLD

13.  Tendler-Silberg family: Florida, Mini cream-apricot..(HOLD)

14. Parker Family: Atlanta Ga large red standard (HOLD)

15. Medigo family: Snellville Ga ( Prefers Tara related dog) small standard (HOLD) moving.

16. Edwards family:  Statesborow Ga mini small medium  HOLD

17. Stephens family:  Tyrone Ga large medium any litter ( Hold)

18. Brnovich family: Milton Ga HOLD

19.  Mallon family:  Smyrna Ga medium Hold

20. Bell family: Atlanta Ga, chocolate medium ( has Kozie)(HOLD) 

21. King family: Monroe Ga small medium ( HOLD)

22. Ly family:Venice California, small medium female only, chocolate, caramel, apricot, cream  HOLD

23. Lewis family: ( has Ella) medium apricot...HOLD

24. Sneddon family: Cumming Ga   large med/small standard preferred. Caramel Ice preferred HOLD

25.  Clay family:Atlanta Ga medium apricot chocolate parti layed back temperament preferred. HOLD

26. Burnett family: Ellijay Ga mini apricot/caramel/red HOLD (elderly dog)

27. Ducloez family: Dunwoody Ga female only medium with white markings temperament most important..HOLD

28. Godsey family: Alabama ( has MAXX) medium caramel next fall or winter 2016 likes parti prefers caramel..HOLD

29.  Harding family: Richmond Virginia ( Has Polly) Liza's third litter

30. Bengston/Carroll  family: Grande Rapids Michigan medium summer 2018

31. Karp family: New Canaan CT MINI ONLY!  Under 20 lbs if possible MALE apricot, red, HOLD

32. Jensen family: Wayne PA.  mini small medium chocolate medium 30-40 lb range future litter ? Shelby prefers chocolate..HOLD

33. Watts family:  Rancho Palos Verdes Ca.  Mini under 20 lbs cream to red HOLD

34. Colonomos family: Atlanta Ga medium chocolate apricot or parti  loved Paris...HOLD

35. Goff family: Athens Ga medium HOLD                                                              


36. Schwartz family: Charlotte NC medium not solid black or white but parti ok...  HOLD

37. Ford family:  Dawns family future puppy from her.

38. Brooks family: Athens Ga Standard ~HOLD~

39. Fineberg family: Dunwoody Ga small medium chocolate  HOLD

40. Brown family: Ellenborro SC mini female 18-25 lbs only.. After Spring 2018

41. Yant family: SC small medium/mini HOLD

42. Ponders family: Has Blush future pup from her. 

43. Krawczyk family: West Chester Pa. Black or Brown medium HOLD

44. 2016 Rally Foundation donation Derossa

45. Beeker family: Atlanta Ga large medium small standard (Armistead)Spring/summer 2018

46. Howard family: NJ ( has 3) 2018-2019

47. McManus family:  Savannah Ga chocolate Dreamers family HOLD

48. Rodriguez family: Pelham Alabama medium male PARTI prefered has a caramel female...chocolate or black and white

49. Poulin family:  Macon Ga Mini-Medium...female chocolate Summer fall 2018

50. Lee family: Hartselle Alabama mini apricot Summer 2018

51. Fiscina family: Roswell Ga mini chocolateHOLD ends 8/20/19

52.  Mcfadden family: Lebannon Ohio medium fleece ( has Liza/Trace son) Callie Parson

53. Fuertes family: Hudson Ga medium apricot Summer 2018

54. Robertson family: Marrietta Ga small medium ( Has a Dulcie/Tug daughter) mini chocolate 2018

55. Butler family: Denver Colorado medium apricot/caramel

56. Stevenson family: Nashville Tenn medium/standard male preferred parti, chocolate, black dark colors only Spring/Summer 2018

57. Shirey family:Lake Mary Fla, mini small med ( has 2 doodles) Callie Parson

58. Oaks family: Marietta Ga medium caramel or apricot Summer 2018 (May/June)

59. Piemonte family: Buckhead Ga med apricot,cream, red, chocolate Summer 2018

60. Carter family: Decatur Ga medium  Summer 2018

61. Justice family: Florence SC medium apricot/caramel chocolate or black and white parti Spring/summer 2018

62. Neighbors family: Loganville ga small medium male preferred fall/winter 2018

63. Busing family: Atlanta Ga small medium chocolate under 35 lbs if possible.

64. Lloyd family: Augusta Ga small medium...Callie Parson

65. Moore family:  Newnan Ga ( Boone/Daji)  chocolate female

66. Read family: Atlanta ga medium likes parti or with white

67. Hartman/Demus: Safe Harbor Fla has Shelby boy..medium Wait till Reece has pups.

68. Harpole family: Duluth Ga mini/small medium has Pilot offspring Callie/Parson

69. Rally Bash 2017 Roark ( mini/small medium) Fall Winter 2018 after October going home. apricot, caramel red...

70. Rally Bash 2017 McWilliams (wait till fall 2018)

71. White family: Texas small med/mini ( alt: Callie/Parson)

72. Panero family: Larchmont  NY small medium..(Callie Parson)

73. Davis family : Cumming Ga mini /small medium (Callie Parson

74.  Suarez-Vargus family: Tampa Fla medium cafe, apricot, caramel, female

75. Stout family(Cox): Libertyville Ill, Fanny/AJ 

76. Hunter family: Alabama, mini red out of Parson if possible female

77. Huss family: Evans Ga medium Caramel, apricot, chocolate white splashes ok, black.  Fleece coat. (BB/Marlow)

78. Rockey family:  Atlanta Ga medium

79. Radomski family: Roswell Ga mini/sm medium

80. Ardani family: Washington DC mini  apricot has  biscuit/flicker pup

81. Hunter family: Atlanta Ga apricot female preferred has Harvey male chocolate...Winter 2019

82. Cierny family: Atlanta Ga mini/small medium.

83. Miller family: Sandy Springs Ga (Bogie) mini/small medium

84. Forrest family:  Snellville Ga small medium loved Parson Linda friend..

85.  Chvisuk family: Athens Ga small medium Winter 2019 Feb/March

86. Cornell/Zetterberg family: Lewisville Texas medium ( Fanny/BB ?)

87. Rosenberg family: Atlanta Ga medium chocolate female

88. Demegelio/Shields: Charleston SC  medium apricot